Electric Velocipede 26

Electric Velocipede 26

Author: John Klima

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 97 pages

Language: English

Published: April 29th 2013

The 26th installment of Electric Velocipede features a stunning cover from Brazilian artist Carlos Araujo. This striking piece sets the tone for the wondrous tales you'll find within. What will you find? Well you'll find highly advanced alien races, beautiful ballgowns, magical rooms, a horrifying vision of children's beauty pageants, boats that no longer come to shore, poems of startling visions, and the poignant tale of an Irish astronaut. There are stories from up-and-coming talents like E. Catherine Tobler and Brooke Wonders; multiple Nebula and Hugo Award nominees like James Alan Gardner; and from brand-new authors like Val Nolan. Don't miss out on this fantastic issue!