The End of All Songs

The End of All Songs

Author: Michael Moorcock

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 273 pages

Language: English

ISBN: 9780060129996

Published: January 1st 1976

For the hedonistic immortals who dwell at the End of Time, the return of Jherek Carnelian with Mrs. Amelia Underwood - a reluctant time-traveler from Victorian England - is cause for jubilant celebration. Led by Jherek's mother, the Iron Orchid, the immortals set off on a mad spree of spectacular festivities. And in no time at all, Amelia, with her radiant beauty and quaintly platonic way of looking at things (especially Jherek), becomes the toast of the End of Time.

But as the pandemonium progresses, some delicious and long-held mysteries are revealed and some distressing omens appear on the horizon. Due to circumstances beyond their control, immortality - at least as far as the immortals know it - will never be the same again.