The Russian Intelligence

The Russian Intelligence

Author: Michael Moorcock

ISBN: 9780861300273

Published: July 18 2019

Jerry Cornell was a Class A Secret Agent

Dedicated, Intrepid, Ice-cool in a Crisis, Resourceful, Master of Disguise, Impervious to Pain - by these qualities are such men known.
Jerry Cornell was different. He was honest - atleast, to himself. He knew the truth: his trade wasn't glamourous, was hardly ever important, getting one side to defectto the other was a PR matter and most options aren't worth keeping anyway.
But, and these were important buts, it was fashionable. Camp even. Above all it offered wonderful opportunities for skiving and fiddling and marital infidelity.
Realist and coward, Jerry Cornell was doing very nicely. Until the terrible night when he found The Devil Rider - Masked Fighter for Justice and comic-strip hero clutched in the dying hand of a fellow agent Jerry had never much iked anyway...