Young Warriors: Stories of Strength

Young Warriors: Stories of Strength

Author: Tamora Pierce

Format: Paperback

Pages: 312 pages

Language: English

ISBN: 9780375829635

Published: October 24th 2006

What makes warrior?

This gutsy collection of fifteen original short stories offers a variety of answers to this question with thoughtfulness, heart, and the occasional wink. Compiled by bestselling author Tamora Pierce and folklorist/author Josepha Sherman, Young Warriors includes stories by some of today's most acclaimed and beloved fantasy and science-fiction authors for both adults and young adults.
Acts of Faith • (2005) • novelette by Lesley McBain
Afterword (Young Warriors: Stories of Strength) • (2005) • essay by Josepha Sherman
An Axe for Men • (2005) • short story by Rosemary Edghill
Devil Wind • (2005) • novelette by India Edghill
Eli and the Dybbuk • (2005) • novelette by Janis Ian
Emerging Legacy • [Wolverine's Daughter • 1.5] • (2005) • novelette by Doranna Durgin
Heartless • (2005) • short story by Holly Black
Hidden Warriors • (2005) • short story by Margaret Mahy
Introduction (Young Warriors: Stories of Strength) • (2005) • essay by Tamora Pierce
Lioness • (2005) • short story by Pamela F. Service
Serpent's Rock • (2005) • novelette by Laura Anne Gilman
Student of Ostriches • [Song of the Lioness] • (2005) • novelette by Tamora Pierce
Swords That Talk • (2005) • short story by Brent Hartinger
The Boy Who Cried "Dragon!" • (2005) • short story by Mike Resnick
The Gift of Rain Mountain • (2005) • short story by Bruce Holland Rogers
The Magestone • (2005) • short story by Janet Stirling and S. M. Stirling [as by Jan Stirling and S. M. Stirling]
Thunderbolt • (2005) • short story by Esther M. Friesner [as by Esther Friesner]